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George Washington (Eight)

Thomas Jefferson (Eight)

James Madison (Eight)

James Monroe (Eight)

Andrew Jackson (Eight)

Abraham Lincoln (Four years and a month)

Ulysses Grant (Eight)

Grover Cleveland (non consecutively) (Eight total)

William McKinley (Four Years and six months)

Theodore Roosevelt (Seven years and six months)

Woodrow Wilson (Eight)

Calvin Coolidge (Six)

Franklin Roosevelt (Twelve years and month)

Harry Truman (Seven years and eleven months)

Dwight Eisenhower (Eight)

Lyndon Johnson (Six)

Richard Nixon (Five)

Ronald Reagan (Eight)

Bill Clinton (Eight)

George W. Bush. (Will be eight on January 2009)

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As of 2017, the following Presidents served exactly one complete four-year term:

John Adams

John Quincy Adams

Martin Van Buren

James Polk

Franklin Pierce

James Buchanan

Rutherford Hayes

Benjamin Harrison

William Taft

Herbert Hoover

Jimmy Carter

George Bush

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Just one - FDR from 1933-1945. He was elected to 4 four-year terms, but died less than three months into his fourth. No future president will ever serve longer than Roosevelt, as recent term limits shorten the maximum presidency length to ten years.

FDR's total time in office was about 12 years, 1 month, and 8 days.

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1. Wm Henry Harrison

2. John Tyler

3. Zachary Taylor

4. Millard Fillmore

5. Andrew Johnson

6. James Garfield

7. Chester A. Arthur

8.. Warren Harding

9. John Kennedy

10. Gerald Ford

11 Barack Obama

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Only one president in history has served more than 8 years in office. His name was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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20 served for more than one term- 13 served 2 or more full terms and 7 others served one

term and part of another.

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Q: What US presidents served 4 years?
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What is the average number of years served by us presidents?

Presidents can only serve for 2 terms. 4 years are in a term.

What is the ratio of presidents that were in office 4 years to presidents in office 8 years?

Of the 42 people who were U.S. President before Barack Obama,...10 served between 0 and 4 years.12 served 4 years.7 served between 4 and 8 years.12 served 8 years.1 served more than 8 years.Also, of the 42 who served before Obama,...5 never won a Presidential election.21 were elected once.15 were elected twice.1 was elected four times.

How many presidents served 4 years in the Us?

all of them except the ones who died in office and the ones who completed their terms without winning a term of their own.

What 4 us presidents served as generals in the Mexican American war?

The 4 us presidents who were mexican american war generals for the u.s. were:Zachary TaylorMillard FillmoreFranklin PierceUlysses S. Grant

Presadint who servived longer than any one elce in the us?

spell it right... and all the presidents served an equal amount of times. Total of 4 years if elected, and $ more if elected again. and many presidents ran for 8 years. (unless if assassinated)

How long is a presidents term?

4 years.In the US, four years. Also, US Presidents cannot serve more than ten years.

How long were presidents in office?

a presidents term in office could last up to 4 years.

When are presidents of the US elected?

US presidents are elected every four years, in years divisible by 4. Election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

What is our first 5 presidents?

George Washington was the first President of the United States, he served for 8 years. John Adams was second he served for 4 years. Thomas Jefferson was third he served for 8 years. James Madison was the fourth he served 8 years. James Monroe was the fifth and he also served for 8 years.

Who was the president who served 4 years?

Comment: the is something wrong with your sentence. There is a lot of them served only 4 years. ---- All of the presidents served for at least 4 years, except for those that died in office or were impeached. The standard Presidential term is 4 years.

How long is each term served by a president of the US?

it is 4 years

How many years is a Term Served by the President of US?

1 term is equal to 4 years.