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Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander in a duel. Dick Johnson supposedly killed Indian chief Tecumseh in battle. Dick Cheney accidentally wounded a hunting companion but not seriously. There may be others.

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Vice President Dick Cheney shot a fellow hunter while quail hunting in February 2006.

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Dick Cheney Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel on July 11, 1804.

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Vice President, Dick Cheney.

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Q: What Vice President Accidentally Shot Someone?
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Which vice-president should be careful during hunting season?

Vice president Dick Cheney made the news for accidentally hitting a hunting companion with bird shot. The man was not seriously hurt.

Who was president lincolns vice president and the seventeeth president of the US?

Andrew Johnson was his Vice President and became president when Lincoln was shot.

Which vice president was shot in a dual?

No Vice-President ever died in a dual. There was the infamous dual of Aaron Burr, then a Vice-President, and Alexander Hamilton in Weehawken, NJ. Secretary Hamilton was killed and Vice-President Burr was wanted for the murder of Alex. Hamilton.

What happens if the president dies and the vice president is president who is the vice president?

If the new president died, the vice president would become the president. He then would nominate someone to be his vice-president and ask Congress to confirm his choice. If Congress rejects his choice, he chooses someone else until he finds someone they will confirm.

Why is the vice president sworn in before the president?

Because if the President elect is shot or killed before sworn in the vice President will be able to take the place as President.

How many vice presidents have shot someone?

Two, at least. Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Dick Cheney accidentally hit a fellow hunter during a bird hunt. The man was not badly hurt.

Do they elect another vice president if the president dies or leaves office?

No, they keep the same vice president. For instance when Abraham Lincoln got shot, Andrew Johnson (the vice president) took his place as president.

If the Vice president dies while the president is still in office who becomes the vice president?

The President has to nominate someone to be Vice President, but that said person can only be Vice President with the majority vote of both Houses of Congress

What happens when the vice president gets shot?

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

Who was Johnson's vice president when he took over after Kennedy was shot?


Who did vice president aarron burr shot and kill?

alexander hamilton

Where does a new vice president come for if the current one needs to take over as president?

The new president will nominate someone for vice-president and if Congress approves, the nominee will be the new vice-president.