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What action would you take if you had a concern about compliance with legal requirements that have to be complied with by an establishment providing services to the public?

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Q: What action would you take if you had a concern about compliance with legal requirements that have to be complied with by an establishment providing services to the public?
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Who were the supporters of the Constitution?

The Federalists.

Which president pioneered the use of grants to achieve federal government goals?

The use of block grants to encourage the states to assist the federal government in achieving certain goals originated with the Lyndon Johnson administration (1963-1969). His successor, Richard Nixon, used this method (often referred to as the "New Federalism") more extensively. This has been seen by some as bribery (promising states grants of money to enact certain legislation) or blackmail (threatening to withhold block grants to states which did not comply with federal policy goals). In the 1970's, states were encouraged to set specific speed limits on Interstate highways by threatening to withhold grants for highway construction. Most states complied, though several western states refused.

How did the US government helped the freed slaves after the Civil war?

The Freedmen's Bureau, more formally known as the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned lands, was given the responsibility by the federal government of helping former slaves adjust to their new status as "freedmen" after the Civil War. The idea was initiated by President Lincoln in 1865 before his death and passed by Congress. The Freedmen's Bureau provided emergency food, housing and medical aid to the recently freed slaves and, for the longer term, prepared them for self-sufficiency through education, instruction in their new rights including voting, and arranging for jobs, often with previous slave owners, negotiating the employment contracts on behalf of the freedmen, and then keeping an eye on the situation to make sure that the terms of the contract were complied with. In 1871, the Freedmen's Bureau was disbanded, long before its efforts could become fully effective. In response, resentful ex-Confederates rolled back the gains made in politics and education by the freedmen and instituted a series of laws that kept the ex-slaves and their children technically free but relegated many of them to political and economic serfdom.

Was the Judiciary Act of 1789 an example of a formal amendment to the Constitution?

No. The Judiciary Act of 1789 was one of the first Acts of the First Congress operating under the new Constitution. It fulfilled one of the mandates of the Constitution by establishing the US Supreme Court, and created a small federal court system consisting of thirteen District Courts and three Circuit Courts. Articles I and III of the Constitution specifically authorized Congress to take this action, therefore the Act did nothing to change the Constitution. The Judiciary Act of 1789 was simply a federal law. Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 authorized the US Supreme Court to issue writs of mandamus (a court order requiring someone to take a specific action) to officials of the federal government under its original (trial) jurisdiction. Chief Justice John Marshall declared this portion of the Act unconstitutional and refused to comply with it. If the Supreme Court had complied with that section of the Act, it may have been considered an example of the informal amendment process. The formal amendment process, as outlined in Article V of the Constitution, requires three-quarters of the states to ratify (approve) an official, written change to the Constitution. The informal amendment process occurs as a result of constitutional interpretation, is temporary, and doesn't really change the Constitution.

What did roman women do in their spare time?

wanted to do except hold political office, vote or join the army. However they did have to be careful that they complied with the social ideas of femininity in their actions. If they were too aggressi

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What legal requirements have to be complied with by an establishment providing services to the public?

- public liability insurence - health and safety certified - fire extinguishers - certificate of occupancy

What legal requirements have to be complied with by an establishment providing services to the public in case of a fire?

Local fire codes, which are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, would be the ruling regulations on this subject.

What is the past tense of compliance?

Compliance is a noun and does not have a past tense. The verb form is comply, and the past tense is complied.

Is it possible for a police officer to lose his accreditation?

Yes. If his department, city, county, or state have set minimimum requirements for certification to be a law enforcement officer, they must be complied with. If they are not met, even after a certain number of attempts to come into compliance are made, then they may have their accreditation/certification withdrawn.

Is partial non compliance of court order meance non compliance of the court order?

A court order MUST be complied with. The individual does NOT have the option of choosing which portions to obey and which to disregard. To disregard a court order, or any part of it, is contempt of court.

Can you collect Massachusetts unemployment and live in California?

Yes, if you had qualified for the benefit and complied with Massachusetts' requirements on moving out of state.

Example of risk worth taking?

Applying for a course in another country and waiting to be confirmed when you know that you have not complied to the requirements.

What does e stand for when it gets added to a ticker symbol?

It means that the company has not complied with filing requirements. The company has 30 days to satisfy the filing requirements or face delisting.

Is complied with proper grammar?

Sure. I complied with my orders.

What i s the synonym of complied?

The synonym of "complied" is "obeyed" or "conformed."

If you sell commercial real estate can you work in all 50 states?

You can sell in any state where you are licensed, bonded and have complied with all local, state, and federal requirements.

What is the role the judge?

to find out the case and the consequencesAdded: To make sure that all the legal requirements of the law are met, and complied with, and when conducting trials and hearings - to act as the 'trier of fact.'