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  • Competition among many different cities, states and countries
  • Exploration to take advantage in a competitive environment
  • Natural Resources found in the explored land and the high concentration of a hungry, skilled labor force
  • advancement of science to improve upon the abundant raw materials and labor.
  • Free Market governments to allow the improved economic energy to evolve efficiently
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Q: What advantages enabled the united state to industrialize rapidly?
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what was one major advantage that helped the united states industrialize rapidly in the early 19th?

access to natural resource that provided the material and power needed for industrialization

Did japan industrialize before European nations and the US?

No, Japan was behind the United States & Europe in its efforts to industrialize.

What region of the United States was first to industrialize?


In Japan where did they get the money to industrialize?

They got money from other countries like the united states

What was one major advantage that helped the United States industrialize rapidly in the early 19th century?

(Apex) Access to natural resources that provided the materials and power needed for industrialization.

How was industrialize in the United Kingdom different from the industrialization in China?

Answer this question… The United Kingdom's industrialization was guided by individual entrepreneurs, while China's was guided by the government.

What helped the US indisterilize so quickly?

The United States used its vast natural resources to industrialize so fast

Is the US a industrialized country?

Yes, the United States was one of the first countries to industrialize and it is perhaps the most technologically advanced country today.

How 'united' was the United Kingdom in 1750?

Very - it one of the things that enabled it to become a world power and gain a great empire

Who was the first region to industrialize?

Region A-apex

How has deforestation shaped the landscape of the US?

It enabled the united states to expand across the continent.It enable the united states to expand across the continent.

What was the effect of passage of the lend-lease act?

It enabled the United States to become "the great arsenal for democracy."