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There is no maximum age set by the constitution for being President of the United States.

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Anyone who is under the age of 35, or was not born a United States citizen may not be President.

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35 years old

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Q: What age can you not run for president?
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What age to run for president?

The minimum age is 35.

How old do you to be to run for president?

The minimum age is 35.

What is the age limit to run for president of Bangladesh?


What age was Abraham Lincoln when he attempted to run for vice president?

Lincoln attempted to run for Vice President in 1856 when he was 47.

Who was the youngest person to run for president?

JFK was the youngest to run and win at 43. However, William Jennings Bryant was the Democratic nominee for President in 1896 at the age of 36 making him the youngest to run as the nominee of a major party.

Can a president run for another term at age 75?


How old must you be to run for president in England?

England does not have a president, nor does it have an age requirement on its government members.

The age a senator must be to run for office?

Minimum age for president is 35; for senator 30.

How old must a person be to run to be an official president?

You have to be at least 35 to run or become president. Other people may think you can be any age, but they are wrong.

Who can be the President of the US?

Any US citizen born in America, who is at least 35 years of age can run for president.

How old you must be to run president?

The minimum age set by the Constitution is 35.

Why is it a bad idea for a kid run for president?

They don't know what to do.ADDED: Because the minimum age for the Office of President is set by the US Constitution at 35 years of age.