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They don't have a most important amendment because I think all of the amendments are important.


I think the 10th Amendment is the most important. It states that any powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the states. This amendment was put in place to make sure the federal government does not become to powerful. But as we see nowadays, the politicians have pretty much ignored this amendment.

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the most important Bill of Rights is the first one . because every body is free to have there own religion!

the second most important is amendment number five!

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Q: What amendment do you feel is most important and why?
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What is the most important amendment in the second amendment?

you worded that wrong...there arnt amendments is amendments...

Which of the 5 first Amendment freedom do you think is the most important and why?

The most important is freedom of speech.

What amendment do you feel the national rifle association most often defends?


What is a cititzen's most important right?

1st amendment/freedom of speech

What were the most important amendments in the constitution of 1973?

The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1974 was the most important amendments in the constitution of 1973.

If You feel every citizen has a right to own a gun If you argue for that right based on the Constitution you're most likely to refer to what?

2nd Amendment.

Why amendment 13 important?

The 13th Amendment is important because it abolishes slavery.

What does Brian feel his most important need is?

Brian feels his most important need is Fire.

What 3 amendments are most important and why?

The relative importance of Constitutional amendments is a matter of personal preference and also of some debate. The four-part First Amendment is high on most peoples' lists, but is the Second Amendment or the Sixth Amendment more crucial?The Third Amendment is rarely considered, and the extremely important 9th and 10th Amendments are widely ignored in legal jurisprudence. Is this good or bad?

Which amendment is important to Rosa Parks?


Which amendment is not important?

They are all important.

What amendment guarantees freedom of speech and peaceable assemble?

The First. There aren't that many... read them. It could be the most important thing you ever do.