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The Rome civilization is American's most influenced government. This is in the Western part of the world.

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Q: What ancient civilization did the US adopt its government?
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What is the ancient civilization of ancient China's compass?

it helps us navigate where to go.

What civilization influenced the united state's government?

If you are referring to ancient civilizations, it can be said that the Greeks had the most influence on the structure of the US government, because much of English law comes from them. If you mean a more modern civilization, it would be the British, since much of our justice system derives from English common law, including the things the states rebelled against.

What ancient civilization had democracy that was most like what you have in the US?

Rome & Greece

What civilization had the most influence on the structure of the US government?

shut your mouth

Why is ancient civilization important?

it allows us to be aware of whatever happened in the past.

What culture contributed to the US system of government Greek or Hebrew?

Greek. Many buildings in the US government are of the ancient Greek style.

US History Interactive Reader and Study Guide?

It is a California sixth grade history book "Ancient Civilization".

Is it easier to adopt a child from china or the US?

It is easier to adopt a child in the US.

Which country did the US forced to adopt a democratic form of government following world war 2?

country B - apex

What form of government from ancient Greece most influenced the government of the US?

The Greeks introduced democracy .

Did ancient Korea collapse?

NO! This is because if ancient Korea did collapse then Korea wouldn't be with us here in our world. If it did collapse it would be like the Maya, Inca and Aztecs. Maya, Inca and Aztecs are not with us because the civilization has collapsed.

How does ANCIENT rome influence our government?

They gave us the idea of a tripartite government; with a legislative,judicial, and executive branch.