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Money and more money are the keys to success.

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Q: What are 2 factors which affect the ablility of a corporation to survive?
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What are factors which affect the ability of a corporation to survive?

Factors affecting a corporation's ability to survive include market competition, financial stability, effective leadership, adaptability to changing market conditions, innovation, and maintaining strong customer relationships. Other factors may include regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, risk management, and the ability to attract and retain talented employees.

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What specific environmental factors affect sea turtles ability to survive?

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What factors affect reliability?

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Environmental factors affecting small scale business?

Environmental factors that affect small businesses include governing bodies and competitors. When the government makes regulations it can hurt small businesses trying that are trying to survive.

The only way that a shareholder can affect the management of a corporation is to get elected to the corporation's board of directors?


What factors usually affect pricing?

What factors usually affect pricing?

What are Environmental factors that affect a business?

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What are the abiotic factors that affect the type and kinds of organisms that survive there?

These are just four of possibly dozens of abiotic factors. Water (precipitation), air (wind, oxygen), sunlight (temperature, light), soil (minerals).

What are non living factors that affect organism survival called?

Non living factors that affect organism survival are called abiotic factors. Living factors that affect organism survival are called biotic factors.