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The Constotution should be the government's policy but Pres.Obama ( or should I even call him president) is the one of the factors that effects the policy of the government.

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Q: What factors affect government policy?
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What factors affect social policy?

Social Changes Politics Government

What factors affect social policy evaluation?

Social Changes Politics Government

What are the factors affecting business policy?

There are many different factors that affect business policy. These different factors range from shareholders to the dividend policy of a certain business.

How does government policy affect small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria?

How does government policy affect small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria

How does the government fiscal policy affect the economy?

When inflation increase

How can the government affect unemployment rates?

The government policy in the employment is very affecting because the policy of the government are does very hard to do so on the employment..

What are the factors that affect economic development?

The factors that affects economic development are 1. Unemployment. 2. Youth restiveness. 3. Government Policy. 4. Income level. 5. Population. 6. Other economic activities.

How does monarchy government affect housing?

In a democratic, constitutional monarchy, the monarchy has no affect on housing policy.

Is fiscal policy when the government uses government spending and taxes to affect economic performance?

Yes. :)

How did the battle of the little bighorn affect us government policy?

My Butt

How do you discuss an economic factor?

for an organization economic factors mean factors which affect the organisation policy decision.some factors are controllable & some are uncontrollable

What refers to the use of taxation and government expenditures to affect the economy?

Fiscal policy