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A president is elected by the electoral college (which is chosen by the votes of citizens). If no one candidate receives more than half of the votes, as can happen if there are more than two candidates, the House of Representatives chooses the President.

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Q: What are 2 ways the president get elected?
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What were the 2 cousins that were elected president?

The 2 cousins elected president were Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What are some of the ways to become president of the US?

If fact, there are only 2 ways to become the nation´s President: 1) Over 35 years old, native-born American citizen, resident in the United States for 14 years, elected by the people or 2) be the first in the succession in case the President dies or needs to be absent (vice-President).

When was indias president elected?

indias president was elected in 2009 on august 2 she has been in office for 2 years her re election period is coming up

Was president Reagan elected for 2 terms?


When did Dwight eisenhower elected president?

He was elected in 1952 he served 2 terms and the other was 1956.

When was Felipe Calderon elected president of Mexico?

Felipe Calderon was elected in the 2006 July 2 election. He became the president on 2006 December 1.

How many times can a person be elected to the office of the president?


Which 2 presidents were farmers before elected?

President Vincent

In 1900 Theodore Roosevelt was elected vice president Who was elected president?

William McKinley was elected President in 1900.

How many vice presidents who served a full term got to be president later on their own?

John Adams: 2 full terms as V. P.; elected President onceThomas Jefferson: 1 full term as V. P.; elected President twiceMartin Van Buren: 1 full term as V. P.; elected President onceRichard Nixon: 2 full terms as V. P.; elected President twiceGeorge H. W. Bush: 2 full terms as V. P.; elected President onceRichard Nixon is the only person to have been elected U. S. Vice President twice and elected U. S. President twice. However, to date, nobody has yet served two full terms as Vice President AND two full terms as President.

Is the MOST correct description of the way in which the president of the US is elected?

There are many equally correct ways of describing how the President of the US is elected. One would be to say that the people in each state vote for Electors who in turn vote for the team of President and Vice President. This is an indirect election process.

When was the president of Mexico elected?

Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa was elected on 2006 July 2.