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Q: What are 3 reforms that gave the American people more direct control of the government?
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Can you give me a sentence with the word direct control?

No one has direct control over china. People do not have direct control over government.

Who has direct control of the legislative of government?


What According to progressives the cure for all of American democracy's ills was?

more democracy

What was the intent of political reforms such as the direct primary initiative refrendum and recall?

To give voters a stronger voice in government

Did the Philippines use the indirect or direct rule?

The Philippines was under direct rule by the United States during the American colonial period (1898-1946). The direct rule meant that the U.S. government had direct control over the administration and governance of the Philippines.

What does every civilization need to control and direct people?

A good government of course

What is a form of government in which government controls all aspects of the country?

Totalitarian government is the type of government which has direct control over almost all its subjects activities.

What is Direct Rule?

Direct Rule: a system of government in which a province is controlled by a central government.

What were two key reforms that helped the growth of the democracy in Athens?

There's direct democracy, which is a political system in which citizens participate directly in government decision making; then there's representative democracy, in which the citizens elect others to represent them In government

What democracy is when the political process in which the people are able to have direct control over the government in making decisions?

Indirect democracy!

What three new reforms came to elections why was this progressive politically?

Some new reforms that came to elections during the Progressive Era were the introduction of the direct primary system, the implementation of voter registration laws, and the establishment of the secret ballot. These reforms were considered progressive politically because they aimed to increase voter participation, reduce corruption in the electoral process, and give citizens a more direct role in selecting candidates, thus promoting democracy and accountability in government.

How did the ratification of the us constitution affect the northwest territories?

It made it that the US government had direct control over territories.