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Israel-Tel Aviv




Saudi Arabia-Riyadh

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Q: What are 5 middle eastern countries and their capitals?
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What is the Net worth of yahya jammeh?

1.8 billion dollars in different countries. He owns a $30-Million dollar mansion in morocco. He also owns 10-million dollar mansions each in 5 eastern Europe countries and 2 western Europe countries. He has also heavily invested in dubai and other middle eastern countries.

How many Middle Eastern countries border the Persian Gulf?

Eight Middle Eastern countries border the Persian Gulf. Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman (exclave of Musandam), Iraq, and Iran all border the Persian Gulf.

What are the 5 countries and their capitals in Africa?

Algeria: Algiers Egypt: Cairo Sudan: Khartoum Somalia: Mogadishu Tunisia: Tunis

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Where is corn made in the Middle East?

Corn is not endemic to the Middle East, but to North America. Currently a number of Middle Eastern countries produce a smidgeon of corn (Egypt, Turkey, and Iran combined produce 15 million MT per year, which is <5% of what the US produces).

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Germany france japan and china i think

5 Spanish countries and their capitals?

Ovgytrfxrsszsac x

What are the 5 least populous countries in Southern and Eastern Asia?

Your mom, your dad, your step mom, and your grandma

What are the 5 most populous countries in Southern and Eastern Asia?

China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea

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