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Among the many types of industry and the products they manufacture, Mexico includes the following, with some representative companies:

  • Food and Beverages - Sigma Alimentos, Gamesa, Grupo Bimbo.
  • Aerospace - Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana (TAM), Hydra Technologies.
  • Electronics - Lanix, Mabe Mexico.
  • Tobacco - Delicados.
  • Chemicals - Alpek, Cydsa, Mexichem, Vitro.
  • Iron and Steel - Altos Hornos de Mexico, Grupo Acerero del Norte.
  • Petroleum - Pemex.
  • Biotechnology - Biotecnologia Ambiental, Laboratorios Silanes.
  • Mining - Grupo Mexico, Hylsamex.
  • Shipbuilding - Bender Shipbuilding, Servicios Navales e Industriales.
  • Electricity - Comision Federal de Electricidad.
  • Defense Products - Industrias Militares Mexicanas (Mexican Defense Secretariat).
  • Textiles - PYOSA, Scappino, Andrea.
  • Clothing - Flexi, Milano, Vicky Form.
  • Motor vehicles and parts - Electro Optica, Grupo Bocar, Industrias Automotrices LODI.
  • Computers - HP Mexico, IBM Mexico.
  • Consumer Durables - Industrias Marino, Grupo Mabe.

Note: some of these industries are subsidiaries of foreign companies (for example, Hewlett-Packard Mexico) but these assemble or manufacture products for such brands in Mexican soil. These are commonly known as maquiladoras.

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Q: What are Mexico's manufactured goods?
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