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Cross cutting requirements are those that are required by any entity that receives federal monies - be they states, organizations, municipalities. One of the most common requirements is non-discrimination based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. There are no exceptions. These regulations cut across all programs touched by the federal government.

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Q: What are cross cutting requirements?
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What occurs when a condition on one federal grant is extended to all activities supported by federal funds regardless of their source?

cross-cutting requirements

What evidence did cross-cutting relationships give geologists?

Cross-cutting can give insight to whether or not a certain layer is older or younger than what is cross-cutting it. Say if a dike was cross-cutting layer A, then layer A is older than the dike.

What is the relationship between rocks and their cross cutting intrusions?

The cross cutting intrusions can be used to determine the age of the rocks.

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there is none.

What is the law of cross-cutting relationship?

there is none.

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To Whom It May Concern! Can please let me know if details what means "Cross-cutting" issues. Thanks, Habibi

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Cross cutting rock is younger than the rock surrounding it.

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Developments that are put in place to improve the education sector

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Cross-cutting in finance is a new way to allocate budgets, especially in the government. Funding and services are based on an area, not by agency. Cross-cutting focuses on identifying and eliminating unnecessary duplication of resources and services within a defined area. So cross-cutting involves looking beyond one particular agency to the linkages between agencies. The goal is efficiency, time/resource/money savings, and improvement in services.