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why many student cutting class

in math

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Answer: You dont care about education...

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because boring....

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Q: Why high school students do in cutting classes?
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Power and limitations for a chief of state?

The powers are doing press conferneces and showing awarding high school students to the Rose Gardens Limits........idk

Who was the man that taught the theory of evolutin to high school students?

In 1925, John Scopes was charged with violating Tennessee's Butler Act, which stated that no subject taught in school could directly contradict the story of the Creation as found in the Bible.

What are the names of the High Schools attended by US Presidents and what is their graduating class size?

Barack Obama graduated from Punahou School in Hawaii, and its graduating class was about 250 students. George W. Bush graduated from Phillips Academy, with a graduating class of about 225 students.

How did the government attempt to end de facto segregation of schools?

School districts tried to alleviate this by bussing students out of high poverty areas and into better school districts that were often as nearby as 20 miles. However, there were waiting lists to get into these better schools, and then parents of students in the better districts would complain that they didnt want 'lower educated' children amongst their student population.

What is the International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate is a high school degree that is accepted in many countries. The International Baccalaureate, or IB, is different from an American high school diploma for many reasons. Firstly, it requires all students to take a well-rounded course load. Each student MUST study a foreign language, a science, a math, a social science, and a literature class and one other class. They also have to select 3 classes to take at a standard level and 3 classes to take at a higher level. Secondly, each class is two years long and required that students turn in assessments during these years. Each class has a final test, but also has other requirements, such as oral commentaries, student designed labs, or compositions. Thirdly, there are requirements beyond these classes. Each student writes a 10 page research paper outside of school, takes a class called "Theory of Knowledge," and completes 50 hours each of Creative activities, Physical Activity, and Community Service. The IB was started by the League of Nations so that diplomat's children, who lived outside of their native country, could receive a standardized education that would allow them to return to their native country for college.

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What classes do high school students take?

High school students classes are: Math Biology Chemistry Science History Geometry Social Studies Algebra Literature77 K-Prep

Why aren't there different classes in primary school?

Primary school is a conglomerate of classes, most probably because the younger mind of the students will likely get confused changing classes as with middle and high school.

Is there are any makeup classes for high school students?

Yes. This will vary based on the area in which you live. A lot of schools, offer cosmetology classes.

Can you take a criminal justice college course while in high school?

yes, many community colleges offer these classes and high school students are welcomed.

Why are online high school classes good?

Because you can probably get more work done at home then at school. And you can meet more students.

Which Wisconsin high schools offer drama classes to students?

Monroe high school, in Monroe Wisconsin offers drama production classes as part of their broad-based curriculum

What define music arts physical education health?

Music, art, physical education and health classes are elective classes for high school students. The students must take all of the classes but can usually take the specific type of classes that they wish.

What classes do you have to take in junior high to become a lawyer?

The classes you take in Junior High are not a factor. The classes you take in high school do not really affect your ability to become an attorney. And, believe it or not, the classes you take in college don't really matter. Law students can have just about any degree and go to law school. I was an engineer with no thoughts of law school when I got out of college.

Is there a cap on the total maximum hours students should be required to attend classes in high school?

it depends on the state

What do they teach in highschool?

In high school, students are taught how to apply the things they have learned in early education experiences. There are many classes that are offered in high school to students, but the main things that are taught are how to apply what students have learned in the past. This gets students ready for college and ready to face the world!

How do you describe a high school hallway?

A high school hallway is typically a long corridor with lockers lining the walls, classrooms branching off from either side, and students moving between classes. The hallway is usually crowded and noisy during passing periods, with a somewhat chaotic atmosphere as students rush from one class to another. It can be a social hub where students interact, share stories, and catch up with friends.

From 1991 to 2001 how did daily participation in high school physical education classes change?

Participation decreased overall, with one study in the US showing a drop of 10% in the number of high school students taking physical education classes.