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making a big diffrenece in ife and saving us

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it made us an independent contry.

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Q: What are effects of the Revolutionary War today?
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What were the effects on the US after Revolutionary War?

The effects from the Revolutionary War on America was that it was a free country. It could now trade with anyone they want and didn't have to follow Great Britain's orders.

Effects of the Revolutionary War?

America became its own country

Why do we call The Revolutionary War revolutionary?

Beacause it was revolutionary . It changed alot of things in this country without it we wouldn't be the same as we are today

What are the long term effects of American revolutionary war?

we went into great debt.

Some effects that the Declaration of Independence. Effects that the deceleration of independence had was angered the king.also one of the rasons why the revolutionary war starts?

The colonists were all united in their fight against Britain

How are the things used in the revolutionary war different from those used in today's war?

The main difference in warfare is the advancement in technology that we have today. In the revolutionary war, soldiers mostly only had little swords and primative firearms. Today, however, the American military has very high-tech weaponary, and defensive systems. Not to mention, the size of the military has vastly increased.

Why was the Revolutionary War so important to the outcome of war?

Becuase without it this country wouldn't be were it is today

Why is it important that the colonists won the revolutionary war?

because if they did not we whould not be here today

Who were the Yankess during the Revolutionary War?

The colonists. Americans are still Yankees today.

What were economical effects of the Revolutionary War?

The war left the nation with a debt of about $27 million.

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What effects did the French and Indian War have upon Indiana?

th F & I war was pre-Revolutionary. No impact whatsoever. we gained it after th Rev. War.