What are exogenous forces?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Exogenous forces are those natural forces that are "destructive" (reductive) and wear down surface formations on the planet. These forces include geologic disruptions (earthquakes, landslides) and general weathering effects.

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Exogenic forces are those forces that occur above or outside of Earth. These can include impacts with comets and meteors, sun radiation, and tidal force from the moon.

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Q: What are exogenous forces?
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The power of endogenic and exogenic forces?

Exogenous forces are forces that work above the earths surface and break down landforms. Endogenous forces are forces that work below the earths surface and build up land forms

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a) Exogenous b) Earthquakes c) Mountain Building d) Endogeney e) Tsunami Answer you seek is: Exogenous.

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exogenous pathogens.

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