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The Yalu River marks the North Korean-China border. Since UN forces were not officially at war with China (despite the fact China was an active participant in the conflict), UN forces were unable to continue their advance.

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communist Chinese troops crossed the Yalu and attacked the advancing UN forces

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Q: Why did UN forces stop pursuing North Korean forces at the Yalu River?
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Why did america invade north Korea?

The United States never invaded North Korea, past or present. During the Korean war (1950 - 1953) UN forces pushed North Korean forces up to the Yalu River which bordered China.

What countries were major participants in the Korean War?

The United Nations defended South Korea from North Korean aggression. The UN forces consisted primarily of the US, with contingencies from the UK, Australia, and Canada, Greece, and others. Later in the war, Chinese forces crossed the frozen Yangtze River to throw their weight behind their communist North Korean allies.

Which body of water does the han river flow into?

The north korean atlantic river delta

What important event took place at Inchon?

in the Korean war this is where Mac Arthur of the united states goes around and caught the invading north Korea off guard while U.N. forces pushed out of their trapped position in Pusan and pushed invading North Korean forces to the Yalu River which borders china.

What major Korean river is near the capital of North Korea?

Taedong river, or Taedonggang as named by Koreans

How far north did the us get in the Korean war?

Very far :P ------------------- UN forces went all the way to the Yalu River (the border between North Korea and China). Had China not jumped in, there would not be a divided penninsula today.

Was the North Korean flood a river flood?

yes, heavy rains caused the Yalu river to breach its banks

North Korean troops had pushed South Korean defenses southward to a small defense perimeter around the city of?

The war was an epic seesaw of control over the Korean Peninsula American/UN-South Korean joint forces were once able to push Communist North Koreans back to the 38th Parallel and even to the Yalu River near China. However, during one period of the war, prior to General MacArthur's famous amphibious launch at Inchon North Korean "Reds" cornered American/UN-South Korean forces in the southern city of Pusan (sometimes known as Busan). Pusan is currently one of the largest cities in South Korea and is the largest in south South Korea.

What was the northernmost Korean city UN troops had reached by November 1950?

By November 1950, UN troops had reached the city of Chosan (now called Hyesan) in North Korea, which is located near the China-North Korea border. This marked the northernmost point that the UN forces had reached during the Korean War.

Name the reservoir near the Chinese border where UN forces first encountered Chinese forces during the Korean War?

i think you mean 鸭绿江(the Yalu River)

When was the Korean War and where did it take place?

The Korean War took place on the Korean Peninsula, from Pusan on the southern tip to the Yalu River which forms the border between North Korea and China.

What are the natural boundaries of North Korea of North Korea?

There are a number of natural boundaries of North Korea. These boundaries include the Korean Bay to the west, the Sea of Japan to the east, and the Duman River to the north.