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Polk was baptized a Methodist a week before he died.

Gaslights were installed in the White House while Polk was a resident.

Polk survived a gallstone operation at age 17 without anesthesia or antiseptics which were not used at the time.

The first White House Thanksgiving dinner was hosted by Sarah Polk.

Sarah Polk banned dancing, card-playing and alcoholic beverages in the White House.

News of Polk's nomination was widely disseminated using the telegraph. This had never been done before.

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Polk promised to actively encourage America's westward expansion. The Polk Administration also achieved economic objectives by lowering tariffs and establishing an independent Federal Treasury.James K. Polk is the first dark horse candidate to become the president.

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He is known as the "Dark Horse" candidate for president since he was not nominated until the ninth ballot at the convention.

He accomplished everything he set out to do in his first term and refused

to run for a second term.

After he died, he wife had him buried in the front yard of their house in Nashville where she lived for 41 more years. She was buried next to him, but later they tore down the house and moved them both to the state capitol grounds.

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Polk added over 800,000 square miles to western territory and extended the boundary of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He also lowered tariffs and created an independent federal treasury. He only served one term as promised.

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his nickname was the darkhorse

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What does the k in James K. Polk?

The "K" in James Polk's name stands for Knox

Was James Polk real name James Polk kesterson?

No. His full name is James Knox Polk.

What are some funny facts about James Polk?

he kept all his promises, including not running for a second term.

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James Polk Did Nothing For Our Country

Who was the President of the US during the war with Mexico?

James K. Polk (term 1845-1849) was President of the United States during the Mexican-American War.

Who was James K Polk's mom's name?

James K. Polk's mother was Jane Knox Polk.

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How old was James. k Polk when he became president?

James K. Polk was 49 when he became president.

What was president polk's middle name?

Knox was his middle name- Knox was his mother's maiden name.

What was James Polk born?

James Knox Polk was born on November 2, 1795.