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1.Congress includes the Senate and House of Representatives.

2.There are 2 Leaders, a Minority Leader, and a Majority Leader.

3.Most people go to law school.

4. Voltaire suggested the idea to have separation of powers.

5.Most Americans mix up Congress with the Senate.

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Q: What are five historical facts about the Legislative Branch?
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What are the seven articles of the Constitution?

Article I. The Legislative Branch Article II. The Executive Branch Article III. The Judicial Branch Article IV. The States Article V. Amendment Article VI. The United States Article VII. Ratification

How is the Executive Branch Pension?

The Executive Branch pension for the President is $200,000 a year. The Vice President only receives a pension if he serves five years and then it is the same as the pension of Congress members.

What are the Pinciples of democratic republic?

The Five Principles of Government found in the Constitution of the United States are---Popular Sovereignty; Checks and Balances; Federalism; Limited Power of the Government; Separation of Branches. Popular Sovereignty means the ultimate power rests with the people. Checks and Balances means that no one branch of the government can overpower the other branches of government. Each has a check on the power of the other branches. Federalism is the dividing and sharing of power between state and national governments. Limited power means that the government is restricted by the laws and the Constitution and it has to operate within the framework of the laws and Constitution. Separation of Branches divides the government into the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch, each with its own powers and duties.

The three parts of constitution are?

You must be referring the three branches of government , used to check the powers of each other, The Legislative, Executive AND Judiciary. Actually there are SEVEN Articles to the US Constitution.Article One: Legislative PowerArticle Two: Executive powerArticle Three: Judicial powerArticle Four: States' powers and limitsArticle Five: Amendment processArticle Six: Federal enumerated powersArticle Seven: Ratification Procedures

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