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Q: What are former democracies that have failed?
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What other countries like the US are democracies?

Democracy varies. Some countries are more "democratic" than others. However, as a rule, ALL of the members of the European Union (EU) have to be democratic. Also, most (if not all) of the countries of the Caribbean and Latin America are democracies now. The former British colonies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also democracies. Finally, several important countries in Asia are currently democratic including India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. In Africa, South Africa and Tunisia are both democracies. There are many countries which claim to be "democratic" but are actually not democratic. A good example is the "Democratic Republic of Korea" (North Korea) which is not democratic at all. Russia also claims to be a democracy but it is not regarded as a "free and fair" democracy because not all the candidates in their elections have the same chances of winning.

What are the functions of political institutions in transitional democracies?

function of political institution

Why were radical republicans angered by Johnson?

The radicals were upset that Andrew Johnson's plan, like Lincoln's, failed to address the needs of former slaves in 3 areas: land, voting rights, and protection under the law

Parliamentary democracies often have representation which increases the likelihood that minor parties will be represented in the legislature?


What is Europe form of government?

Europe's old form of Government was the Monarchy, but most of them today are democracy

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What former soviet socialist republic is now a monarchy?

None, all are either dictatorships or democracies

How does Nehru expect India and other former colonies to be treated by the Western democracies and the communist nations?

by being cool

What are direct democracies?

Canada and china are democracies

What are some direct democracies?

canada and china are democracies

When was Community of Democracies created?

Community of Democracies was created in 2000.

When was Defense of Democracies created?

Defense of Democracies was created in 2008.

Is the government of the UK and Ireland democracies?

Yes, they are both democracies.

Are most of the countries democracies today?

Yes, but only formal democracies.

What is a likeness between representative and parliamentary democracies?

Parliamentary democracies are representative.

Two types of democracies?

The two types of democracies are direct democracies, or pure democracies, and indirect democracies, or more often referred to as representative democracies. The two differ in their distribution of political power; in a direct democracy, political power is held by all citizens of the state and in an indirect democracy, political power is held by an elect group of citizens.

Which former MN WIld player failed to finish the inaugural season because he was home sick?

Maxim Sushinsky

What countries are democracies china Vietnam or north Korea?

None of these countries are democracies.