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national party committiee's.

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Q: What are individuals allowed to give the largest contributions?
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As of 2011 how much money may individuals give directly to a candidate per election?


Give examples of how you promote hydration for different groups of individuals?

Encourages individual to take a lot of fluid, fruits and 8 glasses of water on a daily basis are examples of how you should promote hydration for different groups of individuals.

Why would an interest group choose campaign contributions?

Campaign contributions give faster results than lawsuits or mass mobilization- you are dealing with one person (the politician you are funding); it buys the candidate's loyalty and support; it provides access when the interest group needs assistance; it is more effective on a single, focused issue; you don't need a large group of people to back you up (as with mass mobilization).

What was Hoover's philosophy of government?

Hoover believed that the federal government could not give direct aid to individuals. He believed in free market capitalism and did not think the constitution gave the federal government the power to set prices.

When do you use amendment 1?

You use Amendment 1 in everyday life. It provides us with 5 basic freedoms. They include the following:1) The Freedom of Speech: You are allowed to give your opinion on different things and basically allowed to say whatever you believe.2) The Freedom of the Press: You are allowed to publish newspapers giving opinions on different topics in the news and to inform the public on what is going on.3) The Freedom of Religion: You are allowed to practice whatever religion you would like to be a part of.4) The Freedom of Assembly and the Freedom of Petition:These two freedoms are closely related. You are allowed to petition things that you want changed. You also are allowed to gather into organized protests, as long as they are not violent.If you would like an easy way to remember them, think of RAPPS (Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech)

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Individuals are allowed to give the largest contributions to .?

national party committees

Individuals are allowed to give the largest contributions to?

national party committees

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