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Q: What are most votes in the house of senate taken by?
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What are the principle vehicles through which the house and senate do most of their legislative work?

What are the principal vehicles through which the House and Senate do most of their legistlative work?

What are the names for the federal upper house and lower house?

Lower house (house of reps) is elected differently to upper house. Each seat in lower house represents one electorate. This means only the member with most votes wins the seat, meaning that the lower house tends to be very difficult for a minor party to get into. Lower house makes all the policy & rules that govern the country, gets elected every 3 years.Upper house (senate) is proportional voting - if minor party gets 10% of votes nationally, they get 10% of seats in senate, so it's possible for minor parties to get in. The job of upper house is to review legislation and review the honesty of the government. They have half-senate elections every 4 years.

Who makes up the Legislative branch of Government?

the house of representatives and the senateThe legislative branch is made up of the two houses of Congress-the Senate and the House of Representatives. The most important duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. Laws are written, discussed and voted on in Congress.-Katrina L :)

Which VP has cast the most tie-breaking votes in the Senate and how many did he cast?

John Adams holds the record for number of tie-breaking votes. He cast 29 votes while he was Vice President. Vice President John Calhoun is second with 28 tie-breaking votes.

Who fills in for the vice president in senate?

When the Vice President is not in the Senate, which is most of the time, his place is taken by the President pro tempore of the Senate, who is usually the Senator with the longest seniority. But in actual practice, the floor of the Senate is normally presided over by junior senators, to enable them to master parliamentary procedure.

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Most votes on the floor of the House are taken by which of these methods?


The Senate majority leader is the most powerful member of the US Senate.?

Yes, he has the majority of the votes of the 100 members in the Senate.

Is senate majority leader is the most powerful member of the US senate?

Yes, he has the majority of the votes of the 100 members in the Senate.

Votes are counted by?

Votes are counted by normal citizens who apply/volunteer for the job. The votes are counted in the county in which they occurred. Citizens' votes are known as the popular vote. However, this doesn't decide who wins the election and ultimately has no importance. The victor needs 270 electoral votes to actually win the election. Electoral votes are votes given by the representatives and senators (Congress). If no candidate achieves 270 electoral votes, then the House of Representatives will vote between the three candidates who received the most electoral votes and the Senate will vote between the two vice presidents who received the most electoral votes. If the House cannot decide, then the vice president appointed by the Senate will become president until the issue is resolved.

Is the The senate majority leader the most powerful member of the US?

Yes, he has the majority of the votes of the 100 members in the Senate.

Is The Senate majority leader is the most powerful member of the US?

Yes, he has the majority of the votes of the 100 members in the Senate.

Who selects the president and vice president if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes?

The House of Representatives elects the president from among the three with the most votes, and the Senate elects the vice president from between the two with the most votes. 1824 was the only time to date that none of the presidential candidates got enough votes. Although Andrew Jackson had the most electoral votes and the most popular votes, the House gave the presidency to John Quincy Adams (which they had every right to do). The 1836 election was the only time that none of the vice presidential candidates received enough votes, requiring the Senate to pick the vice president.

Which is most important the house or senate?

Definitely Senate.

Names of parliaments in different countrieslike in India we call it as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

Australia - House of Representitives and the Senate. House of Reps has the Prime Minister, the Party that wins the most votes in the House of Reps wins the election. Senate is made up of more minor parties (usually) and has the power to block legislation coming from the House of Reps.

Is Kentucky republican or Democratic?

Kentucky is a state that traditionally Democrat but votes Republican. Most are registered Democrat and Democrats tend to win the Governors election and the State House, but in Federal and State Senate races, they tend to put Republicans in office.

Who chooses the Vice President of none of the candidates for that office receives a majority of electoral votes?

If none of the candidates for Vice President receive a majority of electoral votes, the decision goes to the Senate. The Senate would hold a special vote to choose the Vice President from the top two candidates with the most electoral votes. Each senator gets one vote, and the candidate with a majority of votes in the Senate becomes the Vice President.

Who choose the president if the Electoral collage is unable?

If the Electoral College cannot choose a winner, then it will go to the House of Representatives. If they keep tying, it goes to the Senate and everyone votes. If the Senate ties, then the current Vice President that will soon be out of office will break the tie and choose the President. This happened with Bush and Gore. At the time, Gore was the Vice President. If the Senate would have tied, Gore would have broken the tie, and, of course, voted for himself.