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In American history they are known as Anti-Federalist and then the Confederates from the American Civil War era also were opposed to a strong central government. Although each nation/region has there own terms and movements and varies from time to time.

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Q: What are people opposed to a strong national government called?
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Who were the people who opposed to a strong national government?

anti-federalists were pro-republican government with most of the power designated to the states.

What were people opposed to the constitution preferring more power be given to the state governments than to the national government?


Why were some people opposed to ratification?

They felt that the national government described by the Constitution was too strong and would lead to a monarchy.

Why did people in 1787 oppose a strong national government?

People around the time of 1787 opposed a strong National Government because of the fact that they were scared of a government that was similar to the Parliament of Britain. Finally receiving their independence from the Parliament of Britain, people in the United States wanted to prevent a government from forming that was similar to the British Parliament. this sucks

Are people who oppose organized government?

People that are opposed to any type of organized government are called anarchists. Anarchists believe in a self governed voluntary state.

Why did Jackson opposed the national bank?

Andrew Jackson opposed the first National Bank because he disliked the people running the national bank.

What is it called when people are against the government?


What is one reason that people like Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of a national bank?

The Constitution did not specifically grant the government the power to create the bank.

What group of people opposed prohibition?

A number of people opposed National Prohibition for a variety of reasons, including their belief in the Constitution, in individual liberties, in limited government, that the social experiment was doomed to failure, and that Prohibition was counterproductive in causing serious problems.

People in faver of a strong national government?

If referring to the delegates in the Constitutional Convention, those who preferred a stronger national government were called Federalists and those who favored states' rights were called Anti-Federalists.

Who was a leading figure in the American Revolution and later opposed ratification of the Constitution on the grounds that the national government should be a union of states and not also of people?

Thomas Jefferson

Why were some people opposed to the national bank?

it was very expensive to operate the national bank