What are politicians?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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pol·i·ti·cian -noun 1. a person who is active in party politics. 2. a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles. 3. a person who holds a political office. 4. a person skilled in political government or administration; statesman or stateswoman. 5. an expert in politics or political government. 6. a person who seeks to gain power or advancement within an organization in ways that are generally disapproved.

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Elected government officials, President, Governor, senator, mayor & others would be examples

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Q: What are politicians?
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What is collective noun for politicians?

Collective nouns are a deceit of politicians, anequivocationof politicians, an odium of politicians, a lie of politicians,party of politicians.

What politicians have had facelifts?

politicians of ny is

What is the plural possessive noun for politicians?

Politicians is the plural form. The plural possessive is politicians'.

How do politicians know what public opinion is?

they send out people that are politicians to other politicians who go to other politicians who keep going to politicians who after a hundred times realize they dont know what public opinion is

What is the plural of politicians?

The word politicians is the plural form; the singular is a politician.

What is the German word for politicians?

politicians = Politiker

What is Term used for describe deceitful politicians?


Why do politicians never get in trouble?

Politicians get in trouble all the time.

What are politicians motives?

A lot of politicians are motivated by greed and position.

Why did the US loss the war in Vietnam?

The same reason the US started fighting : POLITICIANS. Politicians in general and liberal politicians in particular.

Who is the most richest politicians in Zambia?

who are the most richest politicians in Zambia

Why do costomers have influence over politicians?

Politicians rely on the votes of consumers to keep them in office.