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1.for economic growth and intergration

2. to reduce poverty and eradicate

3. to create employment

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Q: What are reasons that government is involved in community development?
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What are the reasons for the failure of community development projects?

There are many reasons for the failure of community development projects. One of the biggest reasons is the project going over budget. Another is that work on the project does not meet deadlines.

Why is people's participation in regional development important?

Peoples participation in regional development is important because of several reasons. Those reasons include community development, strategizing, problem solving, and stimulating progress.

Why did you choose to do the community service you became involved in?

This is a question either from a survey set up by the community service or by a prospective employer. As such there is no correct answer there are only the reasons YOU had for deciding to do this work. So just write these reasons down.

What do you think should be the role of government in the law of contract?

The government only gets involved if the contract has a problem and at least one party files a claim. One of the reasons to have a contract is to avoid having the government involved as a matter of business.

What ways do businesses influence the political environment abroad?

Businesses influence the political environment abroad By getting the government involved. Government is involved in international business for many reasons, including tariffs and controlling unemployment.

What were some of the reasons that Sarah palin went into politics?

I believe she saw injustices and crookedness in government that motivated her to become involved.

Reasons why development is not following expected pattern?

reasons why children development is not following expected patterns

Why does the government give tax incentives for business?

government incentives are necessary for the government to offer to businesses for various reasons such as the government would want to create industrialization and development in an area and this is one big reason to why government offer incentives and to the businesses; is that the business can expand and enjoy economies of scale.

What is the importance of development reasons?

five importance of development region

How will you motivate the community people to practice family planning?

To motivate people in a community to practice family planning, point out reasons for doing so. Focus on things that will impact the families involved, such as the cost of each child, the space that is needed, and the time needed for each child.

What were the reasons for the growth of representative government in the colonies?

Increased industrial improvements. Good lick

World War 1 n World War 2 how was they differ?

the difference in the parties involved and the fact that WW2 involved the fascist government of Germany while in world war one the government of Germany was just the same as any other monarchy. there are several other reasons but that's the main one and by several i mean several.