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Pretty simple. The original/indigenous people of Germany are Europeans from the central and northern regions. However they are not exclusively limited to that, since Slavs also inhabitated parts of eastern Germany. Thus the physical features/ traits would be similar to North and Central Europeans in most cases. As a whole Germans belong to the light and blond branch of Europeans, however this varies greatly. The so-called Nordic type linked to a tallish stature, slender build, longish head shape, strong chin, narrow features, a a pale complexion, with light eyes and light/blond hair is seen among Germans, but is not dominant. This was the type associated to people who brought Germanic languages to Germany. However the Palaeolithic type which is larger in build, taller, broader-featured, shorter-headed, darker-haired( more brown-haired), as pale and light-eyed is dominant in northern to central Germany. The so-called Alpinid/Central-European type which is darker than both types already mentioned and is also broader-featured, shorter-statured than the Nordic, mainly hazel to brown-eyed is common in southern Germany. However due to population movements Alpinid could be found as individuals anywhere in Germany. Now as in every population there are mixing, thus Nordic-Alpinids are common, especially in central and eastern Germans populations. Nordic- Palaeolithics are very common in the north, this type is as blond as the Nordic, but broader featured. Slavs also brought another type known as the Osteuropid, which is somewhat blonder-haired than the Nordic, with more grayish-colored eyes found mostly in northeastern parts, but is in the minority. Thus a whole Germans belong more to the blond regions of Europe than brunets. The very tall, medium-build, hook-nosed, brunet-complexioned, dark-eyed Germans are also found especially in the south and are slightly more common than the Osteuropid ones. Nevertheless Germans are by far predominantly Northern European (60-80%) in physical traits, the rest Central European.

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German people can look like almost anything. The stereotypical image of German people is that they are tall with blond hair and blue eyes.

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The same as other humans.

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stubborn, drunk hot headed

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Q: What are some German Irish traits?
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