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It was in China from 1966 to 1976. Mao was worried that his country was not a tue Communist country any more. During the campaign, schools and universities were closed, and educated people were sent to villages to work on the land. Old religious relics were destroyed, a lot of books were burned, the Red Guards were allowed to beat and torture anyone who they supposed to be opposing the Revolution. They were agressive, brutal, and the shocking thing is that they treated their family members, or even their parents very cruelly if they thought that they were against the ideas they considered as the only right thing. Young people became animals, beating their professors, teachers, priests, etc. Educated man were forced away from their homes without a hope to return, they were punished because Mao thought that they had become lazy (capitalists), and had not contributed to the country's wealth. They had to be reeducated, and recover from their uselessness.

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Q: What are some bad things about the cultural revolution?
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