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ruled by a few person

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Q: What are some characteristics of autocracy?
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What are some potential advantages of a democracy over an autocracy?

In a democracy, the peple have a say in what they want. In a autocracy, they have no voice.

What are some words with auto in it?

Automatom. Autocracy.

What is a synonym for autocracy?

Autocracy can also be called despotism.

What are disadvantages and disadvantages of autocracy?

what are some advantages and disadvantages of dictatorship

Absolute monarchy is most similar to which other system of government?

Absolute monarchy is most similar to which other system of government

Who has autocracy?

There are a number of governments that have autocracy (are ruled by an autocrat). North Korea comes immediately to mind, and some might also say the current leader of Syria is autocratic.

Who rules autocracy?

An autocrat with unlimited power rules an autocracy.

How do you use the word autocracy in a sentence?

Autocracy is a form of government with a single leader. For Example: Country A is an autocracy Country B isn't an autocracy Or when comparing something to an autocracy, you use autocratic (similar or pertaining to an autocracy) For Example: Mum why do you have to be so autocratic when you run then house? What do you think of the current government? Pretty autocratic!

What is a sentence for autocracy?

The country has been under an autocracy since 1874.

Name the forms of government that fall under the category of autocracy?

The forms of government are aligarchy and democracy

In which type of dictatorship is power held by a single leader who is the man's become law for the entire country?

An oligarchy

What are some other names for an autocracy?

um.. i think it is democracy... or uniatry but im not sure