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autocracy - APEX

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Q: In which type of dictatorship is power held by a single leader whose demands become law for the entire country?
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In which type of dictatorship is power held by a single leader who is the man's become law for the entire country?

An oligarchy

How one become a member of the European union?

First, you have to become an entire country.

Do the people have power in a Dictatorship?

Yes in some ways. They have the power to motivate their leader into bringing them to a new future. The true dictatorship is when a dictator does everything in his power to keep his people happy. Ex: Ending poverty, more money, building more offices for work, improving economic stability.

Is Zimbabwe under dictatorship?

Dictatorship is the state of a government that is often called "totalitarianism". Bascially it's the idea that a single person, or a very small ruling elite rule an entire country and place great restrictions on personal and economic freedoms. As the word itself indicates, it is when a leader dictates what the people will and what they will not do. It is the governing power where no opposition is tolerated. Depending on how tight of a hold the government holds on the economy, it can govern where you will work, what you will grow if you are a farmer, or what you will sell as a shop owner. It can also govern what religion you may belong to and what schools your children will attend. It can even dictate how many children you may have, as the Chinese government does at present. In a dictatorship there are rarely any oppositional parties, if there are they are usually in name only. In summary, dictatorship, or totalitarianism is a single person ruling an entire country, keeping extremely close hold on both personal and economic freedom.

Who fought with Hitler?

The entire German army during his dictatorship along with the SS and the Gestapo and the SA in Hitler's early years

What country is also an entire Continent?

Australia is a country and a continent in itself. It is the only country that occupies an entire continent.

Which is more important the popular vote for a state or the popular vote for the entire country?

entire country

Name the only country to occupy an entire continent?

Australia is the only country to occupy an entire continent, known as the Australian continent.

How could scarcity affect the economy of an entire country?

Scarcity could lead to increased costs of living in a country. If there are scarce goods and services, there will be high demand since the needs and wants of people are usually unlimited. Firms will then take advantage of the high demands and push up the prices of their goods leading to inflation.

Which country has an entire continent for itself?

Australia is a country that has an entire continent to itself, known as Australasia. It is the only country in the world that occupies a whole continent.

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