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I would say, an embaassing punishment, is to tell the perso to run along the beach. NAKED!

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Definetly a wedgie. Wedgies can be painful or not, but you'll remember them Be careful though, some weird kids like wedgies.

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throwing buckets of scorpions over the enemy

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Q: What are some good punishments?
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Are penalties good?

No. They're punishments.

What are some punishments for bets?

Some good punishments for bets can be..Dancing in front of the class singing "single ladies" by Beyonce.Go to the club/prom/dance/party with the nerdiest boy/girl in class.So hopefully this helped. I am sorry if it is too short. :(

What were some of the punishments imposed on prisioners?

Some of the punishments imposed on prisoners were refusing to give them food and water. Also, they could be put in solitary confinement.

Are rewards better than punishments?

It depends upon whether or not you can learn from what you did to receive the punishments or not and if you had received rewards for having learned from past punishments, if that is the case, then it would be better to be receiving rewards presently, if not, hopefully, because you would be receiving punishments you will learn from it and then it would be better to be receiving punishments, as long as they're for good reasons.

If you stole something what were some of the punishments in 1770?

Punishment was largely at the discretion of the judge. Some of the punishments for stealing in 1770 were paying restitution, fines, whipping, and imprisonment.

What are some modern crimes and punishments?

the American challenge.

How do parents and teachers use rewards and punishments to influence children's behavior?

rewards encourage them to have good behavior. punishments help correct their bad behavior.

Is there a place where kids can do punishments online?

i dont know but that is an good idea

What are some of the punishments for breaking the law in Ireland?

Imprisonment, fines and community service would be the common punishments for breaking laws in Ireland.

Describe 5 crimes and their punishments?

There are many crimes that have punishments such as murder. Some states in the United States will sentence someone to death for a murder.

What are some of the specific punishments mention in the code?

idiots died

What are the punishments for child labor?

Jail some places killed