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mande, wolof, hausa, fulani, berber

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Q: What are some of the ethnic Groups in the Sahel?
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What are some similarities among Yugoslavia's ethnic groups?

Some similarities are that some ethnic groups forced other ethnic groups to move out of their area and go back to their own ethnic group.

What are the ethnic groups that live in Japan?

some of the ethnic groups in japan are japanese some chinese and koreans and a couple more groups.

What is the majority of ethnic groups in South Korea?

The majority of ethnic groups in South Korea are Korean and some Japanese.

What are the names of some ethnic groups in eastern Europe?

one of the oldest ethnic groups in Easter Europe is Albanians

What ethnic groups share a common culture?

Most ethnic groups share a common culture which is their main connection point. Each of the native ethnic groups had their unique culture which they shared and some cut across the board to other ethnic groups.

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All ethnic groups have some infected with HPV.

What were some ethnic groups in Massachusetts?


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Some ethnic groups such as Native Americans have a dramatically higher incidence of cholecystitis.

How did the division of austria-Hungary affect some ethnic groups in eastern Europe?

It let the ethnic groups have there own independence and freedom

What ethnic group lives in the desert?

well the ethnic groups are the ethnic groups

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The ethnic groups are ...............

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Some ethnic groups are Central America, Guatemala and Honduras; They are in the United States