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Has a large forehead

Long nose

Brown hair

And hazel eyes

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Q: What are some physical characteristics of Zachary Taylor?
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How did Zachary Taylor change America?

zachary taylor had changed america by his love and loyalty of america which spread throughout the country,in other words some people did not like the 12th president (zachary taylor) because of his early childhood memories.

What was some of Zachary Taylor's favorite hobbies?

horse back riding

What were some major failures of Zachary Taylor when he was President?

It is that Zachary Taylor had little if no supplies during the war of 1812 and his troops were of a loss of fighting units as in artillery he was running a "cheap army".

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Taylor did not get beyond grade school. He had some teachers but I am not sure that he went to an organized school . The teachers likely held school in their homes .

Who did Zachary Taylor run up against for president?

Taylor ran against Lewis Cass of US Senator from Michigan in 1848. The election was in November of 1848; Taylor took office in 1849.

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Famous Whigs included Daniel Webster, Zachary Taylor, John Quincy Adams, and Henry Clay.

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