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ask yourself do you want to make that decision

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Q: What are some things you can do to educate yourself to make intelligent choices when you vote?
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How do you describe yourself in three words?

Efficient intelligent, quick. (but make sure you are actually these things!)

What are some things you can do to ecucate yourself to make intelligent choices when you vote?

To be able to answer a question we need to know who, how, where, when, when. Your question can’t be answered because your teacher is asking for your opinion . Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. He/she is not looking for our answers.

What are some things you could do to stop global warming?

Educate yourself and others about it.Elect politicians that will take action to stop it.Stop burning fossil fuels.Change to renewable energy.Plant billions of trees.

What nice things begin with the letter i?


When you say somebody is bright you mean?

that they are intelligent and have a quick understanding of things.

What is the difference between a Wise man to an intelligent man?

An intelligent man knows the answers on an IQ test; facts, how things work... but intelligence doesn't necessarily assure that a person will make good choices. A wise man knows the right and moral thing to do. A wise man will be able to put the needs of others above his own needs.

What is Intelligent Falling?

Intelligent Falling is a parody of Intelligent Design. It says that gravity is not a mindless, natural force, but things fall because they are controlled by an intelligent, supernatural being. It's a joke so there is no actual theory of intelligent falling. It is meant to mock intelligent design, which is the belief that life was designed by an intelligent supernatural being.

Who is Obama's choice for speaker of the us house of representatives?

The President does not appoint or chose the Speaker of the House, the Senate/House vote on must not rely on the media for your political savvy, you must learn to educate yourself on these things, otherwise you will be an political "Obama_sombie"....

What can you do to solve the different kinds of environmental effects caused by agriculture?

Not eat. Joking aside, there isn't anything you can do except one or two things: (!) Educate yourself about holistic management and sustainable and conservation farming methods, or (2) try your hand at farming yourself and incorporate sustainable, conservational and holistic practices to whatever it is you wish to do.

What are the good features of smart cameras?

Intelligent cameras, usually referred to as smart cameras, are gadgets that combine conventional camera technology with cutting-edge computer vision capabilities. These cameras have the capacity to interpret visual information, identify things, and base choices on that information.

Is there anything sensible and balanced and intelligent on the internet?

Many, many things.

What are 3 things you can do about vilification?

Educate yourself and others about the harm caused by vilification and its impact on individuals and communities. Speak out against vilification when you encounter it, whether in person or online. Support and promote inclusivity and diversity to create a more accepting and respectful environment for all.