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Native American here were mostly killed off by the diseases that they never saw before. About 85-90% died of smallpox and the plague. Many were driven from their homelands by ranchers and farmers.

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They enslaved them, which is bad enough. They also made most of the Indians near New Spain Cathloics by force.

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They Destroyed them

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for their gold and valuable thing and slivers things as well

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Q: What are some ways that the conquisadores harm native people?
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Native Americans played roles on both sides of the American Revolution. Some tribes decided to side with the British forces against the American revolutionaries. Others, did opposite and allied themselves with the Continental Army in the fight for American independence.

What did Spain start in the borderlands of new Spain to convert the Native Americans to Christianity?

In the very beginning of the Spaniards being in the Americas, they came with the dictate from the Pope that the native people (or just the people) had no souls so could be hunted down. Some believed that if the people were converted, they would then have souls so missionaries began to arrive and convert. However, it was the unknown diseases and superior weaponry that convinced many of the people that perhaps these newcomers did know the right way. Adaptability has always been a strong suit of the people. It is very sad that so much has been lost to the people. Theirs is a beautiful and responsible way of life in terms of spirituality.

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