What are the British Isles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The British Isles are the islands that make up the sovereign states of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and the Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man.

The United Kingdom includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Although this term is not accepted in Ireland and is not used there.
Just off the north-west coast of France. They

Include the countries of England, Scottland, Wales, and Ireland.
The British Isles is an island in Western Europe.
The British Isles include mainland Britain which is formed from England, Scotland

and Wales together with Northern Ireland and about six thousand small islands adjoining these countries. The Isle of Man comes within the British Isles and also the Channel Islands although these are some distance away.

Historically, the Irish Republic (Southern Ireland) was included as part of the British Isles but because of the delicate political situation the expression Britain and Ireland is now used.

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Q: What are the British Isles?
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Is there a leader of the British Isles?

No, there is no single leader of the British Isles. What is called the British Isles has a number of countries and they each have their own leaders. The British Isles is a geographical reference, not a political one.

What name is given to the combined areas of the United Kingdoms and Ireland?

British Isles

Is Romania one of the British Isles?

No. Romania is a long way from the British Isles. It is in easter n Europe and the British Isles are in western Europe.

What is the smallet country in the British isles?

Ireland is the smallest country in the British Isles

How many cities are there in the British Isles?

There is around severn main cities in the british isles!

Does the UK include the British Isles?

The British Isles often refers to places that are not part of the UK, mainly the Republic of Ireland. So not all of the British Isles are in the UK.

How many square miles is the british isles?

The British Isles cover an area of around 121,000 square miles.

What country is part of the British Isles?

The Republic of Ireland is geographically part of the British Isles.

How many continents in the British isles?

The British Isles are all contained within the continent of Europe.

Where is the most rugged terrain of the British isles?

the most rugged terrain of the british isles is the heebeegeebees

What is the hottest place in British isles?

The hottest place in the British Isles is Jersey in the Channel Islands

When was Communist Organisation in the British Isles created?

Communist Organisation in the British Isles was created in 1974.