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they are hard fighters and loyal patriotic men and women they are hard fighters and loyal patriotic men and women

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Q: What are the Characteristics of the ANZACS?
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Where did the ANZACs go to train?

The ANZACS trained in Egypt.

Anzacs in 1915?

The Anzacs in 1915 were in terrible conditions

What did the anzacs sleep in at gallipoli?

the anzacs wouldn't sleep somet

How did the anzacs lose the war?

The ANZACs were on the winning side, so they did not lose the war. The attack on Gallipoli failed, but it was absolutely no fault of the ANZACs.

Who did the ANZACs fight against in Gollipoli?

the anzacs fought the Turkish army

What is the duration of Sons of the Anzacs?

The duration of Sons of the Anzacs is 2.08 hours.

When was Anzacs - TV series - created?

Anzacs - TV series - was created in 1985.

Did Canada form part of the ANZACs?

No. The ANZACs were the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

How did the ANZACs get ashore?

The ANZACs were taken ashore from the ships aboard flat barges and rowboats.

Who were some famous ANZACS and people associated with the ANZACS apart from John Simpson?

Charles Bean

Who won the battle of lone pine?

The Anzacs as the Turkish lost more people than the Anzacs.

What did anzacs do?

nothing at all