What are the NDP beliefs?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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they believe that prosperity and social justice can go hand in hand and care about many of the social services provided by the government. The NDP wants to ensure the environment, education, elderly, children, health care, equality and economic security are being taken care if. Jack Layton is the current leader of the New Democratic Party.

I hope that helps... I'm 14 so if its bad or unhelpful I'm sorry 0_0

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The NDP believe in:

having equal rights for gay, lez,bisexual and transgender equality

they also believe in gender equality

water safety

reducing poverty

expanding health care suach as dental and drug coverage

lowering taxes for smaller companies

worker's right including raising mimumin wage


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Q: What are the NDP beliefs?
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How can people participate at the provincial government level?

people could participate by:Run for the NDP

What is the name of the opposition party?

As a result of Canada's federal election of May 2, 2011, the New Democratic Party (NDP) now forms Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. The Honourable Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the NDP and MP for Outrement, is the Leader of the Opposition.

How do political parties achieve their aim?

Political parties do the bidding of those who pay for them. They often need to get people to vote for them in which case they try to get votes so they can hold power and put in the laws those funding them desire. It has always been that to some extent but in the past political parties were often created by the people to address issues of inequality or to advance a political belief. That is the history of the NDP, a Western based party meant to advance the causes of Western Canadians. Something they are clearly far from today as they hold many anti-Western Canadian beliefs but beliefs well supported by those that fund them today.

How many seats does the Conservative Party of Canada hold in the House of Commons?

Founded in 1961, there have been times when Canada's New Democratic Party has been very influential in Parliament. Although it is usually the party with the third or fourth most number of seats, in 2011, the NDP had an exceptional election-- in fact, it ended up with the second most number of seats in Parliament (103). But that all changed in the 2015 elections, when the NDP lost 59 seats, causing it to fall back to third place, with only 44 seats total.

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