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The advantages are that this creates a check on the powers of each one, and avoids a Dictatorship situation. The disadvantage is that it can take way to long to make decisions and pass laws.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of separating the head of state from the head of government in the parliamentary system?
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What is seceding?

secede is to withdraw from your area, or union.

Was the declaration of independence a strong government document?

Yes, it decried the United States was separating from the throne of Britain, to form its own government. Quite a bit of the British colonies in North America were in the present-day US.

What is a system in which the power is divided onto different levels of government and no part of government has total control over the other is called?

The term is referred to as 'Federalism'. The United States uses this practice, separating its federal, state, and local governments.

Whats does separation of power mean in American government?

The principle by which the power of government are divided among separate branches. In the context of the government of the United States of America, according to the Constitution, the three branches of the government - Executive (President) - Legislative (Congress) - Judicial (the Courts) - each have have their own powers. By separating Powers between branches of government you prevent any individual branch from gaining too much power. Each branch has the ability to be a check on the actions of other branches, this is commonly called a system of checks and balances.

When were the three branches of government created?

The separation of powers is called Checks and Balances in the constitution. They are Articles number 1,2,& 3. You can see by the fact that they are 1,2,& 3 how important our founding fathers felt that not giving one branch of government too much power was. So you can see that this concept was originally created in the U.S. Constitution at the very beginning of the founding of our country. Famous Frenchman Montesquieu believed in separating the powers of government and having Checks and Balances. I am sorry I can not elaborate more on the question.

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Are Vertical Separation of Powers concerned with the way that powers are divided within the same level of government?

Sort of. They are separating the control as well.