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Because it's preserved and you can see nature at it's best. There are usually camp rangers that will also come around to be sure everything is secure. There are great wonders in National Parks.

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Some benefits of national parks are that, people can interact with their environment within a trail that has been hand picked for safety reasons. Also national parks are preserved so you never have to be worried about them slowly diminishing and their beauty lives on for ever.

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Q: What are the benefits of national parks?
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What are the benefits in Croatia?

clean air, the sea, mild climate, good position, nice people, many nature parks and national parks, rich history, good food...

Are national parks in urban areas?

Yes, some national parks and monuments are within urban areas.

Which Canadian ecozone has the most national parks?

The Montane Cordillera ecozone, with 7 national parks, has the most national parks.

Why did Roosevelt set up national parks?

The first advantage was that national parks in the United States were set up early enough to preserve part of the wild character of pre-settlement North America. National Parks provide an opportunity for visitors to connect (or re-connect) with their national heritage, be that connection natural, cultural, or historic. There are educational, moral, health, and other intangible benefits that arise from using national parks for recreation. In many cases, they provide "escape" from cities, one of the big reasons nature-based parks were established in the first place. Economically, many National Parks provide the potential for tourism-based economies: hotels, restaurants, souvenir stands, and other services. National Parks provide many benefits to conservation efforts. Indeed, many animals that formerly lived in broad swaths of the United States and were extirpated from their natural range can only be found in or near areas set aside for conservation, such as national parks.

How do national parks help the environment or community?

national parks are awesome.

National parks such as Yellowstone are a result of?

National parks such as Yellowstone are a result of the

How many national parks are there in Sydney?

There are 130 National parks in Sydney

How many state parks and national parks can fit into Wyoming?

The number of state parks and national parks that can fit into Wyoming would depend on which state and national parks you choose and their sizes.Wyoming has:12 State Parks2 National Parks5 National Forests1 National Historic Landmark1 National Historic Site4 National Wildlife Refuges2 National Recreation Areas

How many parks does Massachusetts have?

Within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there are no national parks. There are, however, several sites administered by the National Parks Service. Most of these are national historical parks or sites.

What are the national parks that the Sierra Club is responsible for?

The Sierra Club does not manage any national parks. They are a special interest group with an interest in protecting national parks, but the National Park Service, a federal agency, is responsible for managing the national parks.

How many national parks are there in the state of assam?

There are five national parks at assam.

How many national parks in India?

India has 96 national parks.