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benefits of swamps are for flood control, pollution clean up and it also provides a habitat for wild life such as fish,birds crayfish..also can be used recreationally for hikers boating, camping bird watching.

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Q: What are the benefits of swamps?
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What are the advantages of swamps?

There are many benefits of swamps. Swamps are home to many unique microorganisms, and many other creatures live in the swamp that are unable to live in other environments.

What are Louisiana swamps?

They are swamps in Louisiana.

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Spanish swamps

Are there any monkeys in swamps?

No! Swamps have amphibeous creature like snails. Insects are also in swamps.

How many swamps are there in il?

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Is peat found in swamps?

Yes, peat is found in swamps. Peat is formed in swamps. Moss is found hanging from trees in swamps. Have you heard the term "peat moss"........

What kind of swamps cover nigerias land?

Mangrove Swamps

Are there swamps in Scotland?

We don't call then swamps in Scotland, but there are bogs.

When was Dinosaur Swamps created?

Dinosaur Swamps was created in 1970.

Is a swamps useful to the country?

YES swamps are useful to the country

Are there swamps in Russia?

There are many swamps scattered around Russia.