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Francis Marion got his nickname when he was in a battle against the English. He was being heavily pursued, but just at the last moment he slipped out of the hands of the british and into the swamp like a fox.

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Him and the American troops made quick attacks on the British and then hid in the Carolina Swamps

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Francis Marion gained the nickname "Swamp Fox" when Col. Banistre Tarleton said, "As for that old fox, the devil himself couldn't catch him." Plus he hid in swamps.

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Q: How did Francis Marion get his nickname?
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Carolina commander francis Marion nickname?

The "Swamp Fox."

What was francis Marions nickname?

Francis Marion was born in South Carolina, and participated in the American Revolutionary War as a military officer. His nickname was 'The Swamp Fox.'

What was the nickname given to francis Marion because of his clever guerrilla warfare?

The Swamp Fox

Who fought a type of welfare that helped lead the failure of the British in the south?

Francis Marion

What battles did francis Marion fight in?

francis marion fought in the battle of the galith.

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