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Francis Marion

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Francis Marion was The Swamp Fox

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Q: Who was nicknamed the Swamp Fox during the Revolutionary War and made hit and run attacks?
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Who was known for swamp fox?

General Francis Marion served during the Revolutionary War. He was nicknamed the Swamp Fox for his leadership of revolutionary soldiers fighting in swamps and low country terrain. He is generally viewed as the father of Guerrilla Warfare.

Who was considered the swamp fox during the Revolutionary War?

Francis Marion was considered the swamp fox during the Revolutionary War.

Who was nicknamed swamp fox in the revolutionary war?

During the American Revolutionary War, the American patriot, Francis Marion was a hero in his tactics against the British in the Southeast part of the 13 colonies. He was elusive and the British could simply not stop his successful raids against them.

During the Revolutionary War who was known as Swamp Fox?

Francis Marion

What did francis Marion do during the revolutionary war?

He was a commander that planned sneak attacks on the british and then disappearing into the swamps with his troops. He was so good at this because he had been in the swamps for the most part of his life. This is how he earned his nickname The Swamp Fox.

Who was nicknamed the Swamp Rat?

Francis Marion

Who is nicknamed the swamp fox for his elusive tactics?

Francis Marion.

Patriot guerrilla leader Francis Marion was nicknamed?

swamp fox

What type of tent is The Swamp from MASH?

Made from canvas It is a General Purpose Tent or "G.P" for short

When did francis Marion use the guerrilla warfare?

No. He (the Swamp Fox) just happen to use it during the American Revolution. EDIT: Actually Francis Marion was well known for his invention of guerrilla warfare

What is a guerilla warrior?

A guerrilla fighter; examples: Francis Marion known as the "Swamp Fox" during the American Revolutionary War in 1776 or William Quantrill during the US Civil War in 1862.

Why is francis Marion a hero?

Otherwise known as the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion was a guerrilla warfare tactician during the Revolutionary War that won many battles for the Americans.