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The "Swamp Fox."

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Swamp Fox. Because he took swampy routes.

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Francis Marion

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Swamp Fox

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Q: Carolina commander francis Marion nickname
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What was francis Marions nickname?

Francis Marion was born in South Carolina, and participated in the American Revolutionary War as a military officer. His nickname was 'The Swamp Fox.'

Where was Francis Marion born?

Francis Marion was born in Berekley County, South Carolina. by Cory jerin

Where did Francis Marion battle?

South Carolina

Where did francis Marion live?

he lived in south carolina

How did Francis Marion get his nickname?

Francis Marion got his nickname when he was in a battle against the English. He was being heavily pursued, but just at the last moment he slipped out of the hands of the british and into the swamp like a fox.

Where does Francis Marion live?

Francis Marion lived in Berkeley County, South Carolina at time of his death. He passed away on February 27, 1795.

Who led the guerrilla forces out of the swamps of eastern south Carolina?

Francis Marion

What was the nickname given to francis Marion because of his clever guerrilla warfare?

The Swamp Fox

Facts about Francis Marion?

Francis Marion (1732-1795) was a general in the Continental army who fought the British in South Carolina. He was called the Swamp Fox and specialized in guerrilla warfare

What did francis Marion do during the revolutionary war?

He was a commander that planned sneak attacks on the british and then disappearing into the swamps with his troops. He was so good at this because he had been in the swamps for the most part of his life. This is how he earned his nickname The Swamp Fox.

How old was francis Marion when he died?

Francis Marion died of uncontrolable bladder issues and because he was old

How big is Francis Marion National Forest?

The Francis Marion National Forest is part of the larger Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests which is made up of four sites in the state of South Carolina. The Francis Marion Ranger District is probably the area most people think of when they refer to the Francis Marion National Forest. It is comprised of approximately 259,000 acres of coastal plain forest bounded by the Santee River on the north and the Intercoastal waterway and Atlantic Ocean to the east.