Who was Frances Marion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Francis Marion was called the Swamp Fox. He served in the American Revolution.

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Francis Marion fought the British in the American Revolution.

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Q: Who was Frances Marion?
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How tall is Frances Marion?

Frances Marion is 5' 3".

What is the birth name of Frances Marion?

Frances Marion's birth name is Owens, Marion Benson.

When did Marion Frances Chevalier die?

Marion Frances Chevalier died in 1990.

When was Marion Frances Chevalier born?

Marion Frances Chevalier was born in 1902.

When was Frances Marion born?

Frances Marion was born on November 18, 1888, in San Francisco, California, USA.

When did Frances Marion die?

Frances Marion died on May 12, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Whom did Mary Pickford describe as 'the pillar of my career'?

Frances Marion

Did Francis Marion have siblings?

It is not known if Frances Marion had any siblings. Francis Marion is most known for being a military officer in the American Revolutionary war.

What style of fighting did Frances Marion favor?

Francis Marion , who was known as the "Swamp Fox" , preferred to fight a guerrilla war against British forces during the American Revolution .

What was another nickname for Frances Marion?

She was called the Swamp Fox. The name of a hero of the American Revolution and her direct descendant.

What has the author Frances Marion written?

Frances Marion has written: 'Molly, bless her' 'Westward the dream' 'Valley People' -- subject(s): Fiction, social life and customs 'The powder keg' 'How to write and sell film stories' -- subject(s): Motion picture authorship, Motion picture plays

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