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The disadvantages of central government are quite a number. The most common ones include inability to reach to the grass root level and thus they are not able to relate to the problems of the ordinary citizen.

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Weak Mayor

• Long historical tradition

• Power and responsibility diffused

• Elected representative council to meet constituents'


• Lack of strong leadership

• Has worked well in small and rural localities

• Political vacuum may lead to "bossism" and "machine"


Strong Mayor

• Strong leadership with centralized responsibility

• Too much responsibility for one person

• Facilitates policy formulation and implementation

• Mayor may not be a professional administrator


• Professional manager in charge of managing city

• No strong, effective political leadership

• Council retains policy control

• Tendency for manager to usurp policy making functions

• City run in business-like manner

• Manager may be a stranger to the city, seeking only to

advance his or her own career


• Has worked well in emergency situations

• Legislative and policy functions held by one body

• Simple organizational structure

• No checks and balances

• Swift direct implementation of policy

• No one person with overall administrative responsibility

• Difficult to elect legislators with administrative abilities

Town Meeting/Representative Town Meeting

• "Purest" form of democracy

• Difficult to do long-range planning

• Allows all voters a say in how town is run

• Challenging to educate all citizens adequately

• Deep historical tradition

• Preparing announce of meeting may be cumbersome


• Has worked well in small localities

• Annual meetings poorly attended

further advantages and disadvantages can be categorized into , financial, social, and political.


local bodies can contribute to meeting the social needs of the poeople by involving the target to the needs in the planniing and implementation .

2. it goes between any communication gap between the government and the people, and through this more balanced info is obtained (through consultation with citizens.)

3. when people are involved in planning and implementation of developmental programmes they are exposed indirectly to trainning and education.


you feel emanicipated as an individual when you can help fashion and develop your local community. it gives you a sense of empowerment over your environment.

2. you can select who will be your representatives.

3. local government is an ideal school for democracy, it gives the people at the council and local level the opportunity to practice and understand the process of political decision making, it is also a training ground for national leaders.

4. local government fosters national unity. it allows for the various communities to develop at their own peculiarities, along their own wavelength.


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federalism gives too much power sometimes to the federal government. Article one section eight states that powers not listed to the federal government can be over rid by the necessary and proper clause

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the cons to a strong central government is that you would more than likely have a dictator and you not be allowed to make your own decisions

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It often infringes on states rights

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Q: What are the cons to having a strong central government?
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