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One of the cons of having the president and congress be from the same political party is that there might not be a balance and that it might not represent Americans properly. One of the pros of having the same political party for president and in congress is that there is less opposition to pass the bills and law that they want to pass.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of having the president and Congress of the same political party?
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What political party did Hancock belong to?

John Hancock was President of the Continental Congress and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He did not belong to a specific political party.

Why does a US president usually urge voters to elect members of his or her political party to congress?

The primary purpose for a US president to urge voters to elect members of his or her party to congress is to make it easier for the Party and the president to have bills the Party favors made into laws. A US president usually urges voters to elect members of his political party to congress because the president proposes laws but the congress passes laws. The president is also able to veto laws but the congress can override the President's veto. The congress (Legislative Branch) is also able to approve treaties (and the president negotiates foreign treaties) and the congress can impeach and remove the President and other high officials (the president appoints federal judges, ambassadors, and other high officials).

What political group did Gandhi belong to?

Mohandas K. Gandhi belonged to The Congress Party, and was the President of the Indian National Congress Party in 1924.

What is the name of ghanaian president?

As of 2013, the president of Ghana is John Dramani Mahama. His political party is the National Democratic Congress.

Which role does the president perform in speaking at a political rally in support of a candidate running for Congress?

Party Leader.

What serves as head of their political party?

The heads of the political parties in Congress are the Majority Whip and the Minority Whip. These two people are elected by their own party constituents to help control what happens during a session of Congress.

What party is the major political party?


How does the president shape laws?

There are two ways in which the President shapes laws. The President is the head of his political party, and he therefore can direct members of his party to introduce legislation in Congress that will advance his policies. And if Congress passes laws that he doesn't like, he can veto them (although with enough votes, Congress can override his veto).

Why didn't president John Tyler get along with congress?

John Tyler was abandoned by his party, and no other party agreed with him because of his political views.

Which of the six basic principles of the Constitution can be diluted when the President and a majority of the members of Congress are of the same political party?

When the President and the majority of Congress are of the same political party, the principle of separation of powers becomes diluted. It begins to defeat the purpose of the checks and balances system.

When members of Congress vote with their political party they are acting as what?

When members of Congress vote with their political party, they are acting as partisan.

What will happen if president is in the political party?

Huh? Let's try answering a couple different questions. Understand that politics is all about the next election. If the president and both houses of Congress are in the same political party, and there are at least 60 senators from the president's party (which is what it takes to shut down a filibuster) things are done in Congress that the president will sign because the party wants to prove to the voters that it can accomplish the people's work. If any of the following are true: the president is from a different party than the one controlling either, or both, houses of Congress or there are less than 60 members of the president's party in the Senate then nothing gets done, so the other party can go to the voters and say, "pick us because my party can solve the problem of gridlock in government today."