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The Armed Forces started in the 1949. President Barrack Obama then declared this day as a US Holiday.

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Q: What are the dates each of the armed forces were created?
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Where can I find information on recruiting in the armed forces?

The best place to find information on being recruited to the armed forces is your local armed forces office. Generally each branch will have an office in most cities such as a National Guard or Air Force recruitment office.

How would you use unify in a sentence?

Due to the wasteful duplication of costs in each of the Canadian Armed Forces, the government decided to unify the armed services.

Did the Phoenicians have an army?

Phoenicia was comprised of several independent city-states, each with its own armed forces.

What power is each president exercising in the Truman used nuclear weapons?

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces

Do you need armed forces?

You need armed forces because they are the ones who protect you in your daily lives. Otherwise, China would probably own most of the US. We appreciate and thank our brave armed soldiers for protecting us each and every day. Special thanks to Marcus Dunlap for volunteering in the MARINES.

Which branch controls the money for the armed forces?

None. The Department of Defense gets allocated money and allocates it to each branch.

Can the us air force wear the German Armed Forces Badge of Marksmanship?

No, the US Air Force cannot wear the German Armed Forces Badge of Marksmanship as it is specific to the German Armed Forces. Each military branch has its own awards and badges for marksmanship.

What are the four armed forces of the US?

The four armed forces of the US are the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Each branch has its own unique responsibilities and functions, but collectively they work together to protect the nation's security and interests, both domestically and abroad.

What is an American boot camp?

An american boot camp is a place where american citizens go before becoming a member of the armed forces. Each military branch has them and each branch's boot camps vary in length.

How do I find a local armed forces recruiting office?

Each branch of the armed forces has their own recruiting offices. If you already know which branch you're interested in, you can go to the specific site and 'locate a recruiter.' For example, will find your nearest Army recruiter. has information on each branch, and allows you to request information from more than one branch at once.

What are the three last Veterans name in World War 1?

As of 12 November 2008, the Wikipedia article on the last surviving veterans of World War I lists 2 confirmed survivors each from the armed forces of Australia, France and the United States, and 4 from the armed forces of the United Kingdom. The last confirmed survivor from the armed forces of the Central Powers died on 27 May 2008 at the age of 107 years. In addition one person from Ukraine and one from the United Kingdom claim to be surviving WWI veterans but have not been verified by a government-sanctioned body.

What does DEFCON mean?

DEFCON stands for Defense Condition, and it is used by the United States military to indicate the level of alertness and readiness of the country's armed forces. The DEFCON level ranges from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest). Each level corresponds to a specific threat level and triggers certain actions and measures.