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Evolution and Christianity

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Q: According to William Jennings Bryan which two forces were set against each other in the Scopes trial?
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Who was the former Presidential candidate who fought against evolution in the 1925 Scopes trial?

William Jennings Bryan

Former presidential candidate who led the fight against evolution at the 1925 scopes trial?

William Jennings Bryan

Who was William Jennings Bryan in the play Inherit the Wind?

William Jennings Bryan was the real-life prosecuting attorney for the Scopes Trial. In the play Inherit the Wind, William Jennings Bryan is portrayed as Matthew Harrison Brady, the attorney against Cates.

Why was national attention drawn to William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow in the Scopes trial of 1925?

william jennings

The 1925 Scopes monkey trial pitted civil libertarians against?

religious conservatives led by William Jennings Bryan.

Who was called as a witness in the scopes trial?

william jennings bryan

Who was part of the prosecution team during the Scopes Monkey Trial?

William Jennings Bryan was part of the prosecution team during the Scopes Monkey Trial.

The lawyer who won the scopes trial against evoloution?

The Lawyer who won the trial was Attorney William Jennings Bryan. However it might be important to point out that the verdict was later overturned by the appellate court of Tennessee.Correction: Attorney Clarance Darrow was the lawyer who won the trial. Attorney William Jennings Bryan was council for the defense. The case was still overturned on appeal.Note: the Scopes trial was not "against evolution", it was against teaching evolution in any state funded school or university. See the link below for the complete story of the Scopes trial.

Did William Jennings Bryan run for President again after the Scopes Trial?

No William Jennings Bryan Died Five Days After The Trial.

Who was the prosecuter at the scopes trial?

William Jennings Bryan served as one of the prosecutors at the Scopes Trial in 1925. He was a prominent figure in American political history and also a well-known advocate for the prosecution in the trial.

William Jennings Bryan saw the Scopes Trial as a conflict between what?

God and Saten

Who was the prosecutor during the scopes trial?

The prosecutor of the Scopes trail was William Jennings Bryan, or known as Matthew Harrison Brady in the book "Inherit the Wind".