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Q: Who was president during scopes trial?
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Who was on trial in the scopes monkey trial?

John T. Raulston was the judge in the Scopes trial.

Who was part of the prosecution team during the Scopes Monkey Trial?

William Jennings Bryan was part of the prosecution team during the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Who was John Scopes?

John Scopes was a teacher known for being tried for teaching evolution to his students. During his trial, known as the Scopes trial, he contended that evolution should be allowed to be taught, but was ultimately found guilty.

Who was put on trial for teaching evolution in Tennessee during the 1920?

John Scopes

Did William Jennings Bryan run for President again after the Scopes Trial?

No William Jennings Bryan Died Five Days After The Trial.

What was the role of the ACLU during the Scopes Trial?

They tried to protect the teachers Freedom of Speech

What was John T Scopes put on trial for during the Roaring 20's?

The Scopes Monkey trial pertained to a high school teacher teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in defiance of the law that prohibited that.

Who was the prosecutor during the scopes trial?

The prosecutor of the Scopes trail was William Jennings Bryan, or known as Matthew Harrison Brady in the book "Inherit the Wind".

What famous trial occurred during the summer of 1925 in dayton Tennessee?

In 1925 the State of Tennessee accused substitute high school teacher John T. Scopes of violating state law by teaching human evolution in a state-funded school. The trial is known as the Scopes Trial or the Scopes Monkey Trial. Scopes was found guilty and fined $100. The verdict subsequently was overturned. The trial featured two famous attorneys. William Jennings Bryan argued for the prosecution. Clarence Darrow represented Scopes.

How did the law change after the Scopes trial?

The Butler Act was repealed in 1967, 42 years after the Scopes trial.

Where did the Scopes Trial happen?

The Scopes Trial, formally known as "The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes" took place in Dayton, Tennessee.

Why was the scopes trial known as the monkey trial?

Because John Scopes was teaching about the evolution of humans from apes (monkeys)